Commissioning Success for Retail Expansion Amid 2021 IECC Regulations 

Apr 11, 2024

THE facts

A leading national retailer embarked on expanding its presence across the United States, facing the challenge of meeting diverse local regulations and codes, notably the stringent 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).


  • Nationwide Compliance: The retailer’s expansion plan covered multiple states, each with its unique regulations and codes. Compliance with the updated formal commissioning processes of the 2021 IECC posed a significant challenge.

  • Efficient Project Execution: With a tight timeline for opening new stores, the retailer required swift and efficient commissioning services to ensure compliance without delaying store openings.

  • Quality and Consistency: Maintaining high-quality commissioning services across all new stores nationwide was crucial. The retailer sought a partner with a robust national presence and deep regulatory understanding to achieve consistency.


The retailer partnered with EBI Consulting for their expertise and nationwide presence. EBI provided tailored commissioning services to meet each state’s unique requirements and ensure compliance with the 2021 IECC and other standards.


Through the partnership with EBI Consulting, the retailer achieved remarkable results. All new stores successfully met the rigorous requirements of the 2021 IECC and local codes, ensuring not only compliance but also enhancing energy efficiency and system reliability. With EBI’s efficient commissioning process, the retailer experienced on-time openings for all stores, allowing them to proceed with their expansion plans without any delays. Moreover, the consistent quality maintained across different states underscored EBI’s commitment to excellence, ensuring that each store’s systems were commissioned to the highest standards, thus contributing to the overall success of the expansion project.


  • Comprehensive Commissioning Services
  • Regulatory Expertise
  • Project Management

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