EBI Consulting Featured in Environmental Business Review Vendor Viewpoint

Jun 4, 2024

Burlington, MA, [June, 4, 2024] – EBI Consulting is proud to announce our feature in the Environmental Business Review Vendor Viewpoint, highlighting our 35 years of expertise in mitigating risk and optimizing built facilities and infrastructure for investors, lenders, owners, developers, asset managers, and wireless telecom operators.


About EBI Consulting

EBI Consulting delivers high-quality, responsive services across the entire asset lifecycle, from rapid assessments to advisory, regulatory compliance, implementation, and verification services. Our comprehensive offerings include due diligence, ESG strategy, hazardous materials remediation, and construction loan monitoring.

Our Four-Stage Approach

  1. Assessment Services: Nationwide due diligence to rapidly understand the condition, value, opportunities, feasibility, and risks of your properties.
  2. Advisement Services: Expert guidance to navigate the complexities of commercial real estate and infrastructure environments.
  3. Improvement Services: Remediation, project management, and engineering to enhance health, safety, energy, and environmental performance.
  4. Verification Services: Ensuring compliance with building standards, regulations, permitting, and investment requirements.

β€œAt EBI, we provide deep technical and industry expertise to help our clients navigate complexity and maximize asset value,” says Nolan Previte, President and CEO of EBI.

New Offering: Regulatory Bulletin

We are excited to announce the launch of our quarterly U.S. Commercial Real Estate and Telecom Regulation Bulletin. This bulletin provides timely updates on regulatory changes, offering crucial insights for investors, lenders, owners, leaseholders, developers, contractors, property managers, and compliance managers. Stay informed on environmental, sustainability, energy, engineering, and health and safety regulations.

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