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Apr 4, 2024

EBI has established a collaborative partnership with leading wireless carriers in the telecom industry for over two decades, delivering comprehensive assessment, advisement, improvement, and verification services tailored to their project needs and high-level business objectives.

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The project involved providing environmental, health and safety (EHS), and site investigation and remediation (SIR) services for generator sites across the Midwest for a major wireless carrier. The scope included addressing environmental, due diligence, site investigation, and compliance requirements for over 6,500 generator sites across 34 states. Meticulous planning and timely execution were crucial due to the extensive geographic spread of project sites and their diverse needs.


Leveraging in-house experts across the country, EBI swiftly and successfully tackled the portfolios, identifying and addressing existing or potential issues that could affect the client’s future compliance adherence and capital needs planning. EBI’s on-site EHS employees, who had served the client for many years prior to the project, facilitated a seamless transition of requirements and demonstrated a deep understanding of the client’s business objectives. Additionally, EBI provided portfolio management alongside EHS, SIR, and due diligence services to enhance project success.


EBI continues to serve and consult on the client’s in-house EHS operations and practices, completing over 2,030 additional projects on the carrier portfolio since 2016. Thorough assessments of environmental compliance and regulatory services have fostered a successful, long-term relationship with the major telecommunications business.

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