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Apr 18, 2024

What started with an acquisition due diligence package for a national real estate firm turned into a long-term partnership between this valued client and EBI, resulting in the centralization of all their due diligence needs on a national scale.


Since partnering with this client, EBI has been able to streamline this client’s due diligence needs and provide a wide array of services including property, environmental and climate due diligence. To name a few: 

Property assessments

ESG Checklists

Climate reports


This highly respected commercial real estate investor, operator and developer has a diverse portfolio of multifamily, industrial, mixed-use and retail assets across the U.S. When they came to EBI in 2018 for an acquisition due diligence package for a luxury apartment complex, EBI identified an opportunity for the client to centralize all of their due diligence needs at the highest level.

Over the next several years, EBI worked to provide this client with a cohesive, comprehensive understanding of their assets and portfolios to maximize their ROI and decrease inconsistencies across their acquisition and asset management teams.


When it comes to managing large portfolios, things can become convoluted if you are working with numerous consultants for all the different components required for keeping assets profitable and up to date. 

After providing the original acquisition due diligence package to the client, EBI uncovered some pain points they were struggling with across their portfolios: report consistency, reliable due diligence turnaround times and juggling too many consultants at once. 


After providing the first acquisition due diligence package to this client, EBI quickly began working with their ESG team to help create consistency between their acquisition and asset management teams, allowing them to create and maintain a cohesive portfolio focused on upholding high ESG standards and policies. 

Consolidating due diligence through one consultant not only creates consistency among reports and standards, but it also allows your consultant to get to know your business on a deeper level. Creating a long-term partnership with your consultant instead of taking a transactional or project-to-project angle will lead to more customized portfolio management plans and thorough analysis of long-term portfolio successes. 


  • Acquisition property condition assessments + updates
  • Pre-acquisition checklists
  • Radon assessments + sampling
  • SIR desk reviews
  • Phase I environmental site assessments
  • Sustainability checklists
  • ESG checklists
  • Climate risk assessments
  • Limited energy audits
  • BERDO and LL97 energy audits and carbon emissions analyses
  • Climate change risk assessments
  • Civil engineering and consulting
  • Energy audits


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