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health and safety partner, nationwide

For 35 years, we’ve been helping regional and national lenders, including national and regional banks, investment firms, insurance lenders, special servicers, agency lenders and more, to identify the best investments, mitigate risk and optimize their infrastructure and built facilities for maximum economic, safety and environmental value.

Assess Advise Improve Verify

what we do

Deliver high quality, responsive services nationwide

Lenders require different needs for every stage of the loan cycle, from property and environmental due diligence and construction loan monitoring to risk management and special servicing needs. Our expertise spans across regional, national, commercial mortgage-backed security, agency, private investment, insurance, and commercial lending needs, enabling us to tailor our services to meet the specific demands of our clients.

How we do it

An Integrated suite of services

We are unique in our ability to deliver high quality, responsive due diligence, energy & sustainability, environmental, health & safety, site and building investigation & remediation services across the entire asset lifecycle, from rapid assessments, to advisory, to implementation and verification services, nationwide.

1. assess

Rapidly understand the condition, value, opportunities, feasibility, and risks associated with your infrastructure, building or property portfolio.

2. Advise

Navigate the complexities of your commercial real estate lending environment by tapping into advice and guidance from our highly experienced nationwide experts.

3. Improve

Maximize your loan portfolio’s asset value and yields by improving the overall energy, efficiency and environmental performance as we help you accelerate your path to green building compliance and minimizing the risk of lending on stranded (brown) assets.

4. Verify

Ensure your infrastructure, buildings and construction projects comply with specific building standards, regulations, permitting and investment requirements.

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✓ Energy & Sustainability Assessment Services

Energy Benchmarking

Green Certification Gap Analysis

ESG Site Checklist

Solar Assessments

✓ ESG Strategic Assessment Services

ESG Policy Assessment

ESG Framework Feasibility & Gap/Competitor Analysis

Materiality Assessments

ESG Data Management

Transition Risk Assessment

Reporting Baseline: GRESB, TCFD, GRI, SASB, UN PRI, CDP

Corporate Communications

✓ Environmental, Health & Safety Assessment Services
Environmental / EPA Gap Assessments
✓ Building Investigation & Remediation Assessment Services

Asbestos, Lead, PCBs, & Other Hazardous Materials Inspection, & Risk Assessment Services

Mold & Moisture Assessments

Radon Testing, & Remediation System Inspection Services

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments

Water Intrusion & Weather Damage Assessments

Regulatory Compliance Assessments

✓ Site Investigation & Remediation Assessment Services

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment / Subsurface Investigation

Soil, Groundwater, Sediment & Surface Water Testing

Soil Vapor, Indoor Air, & Vapor Intrusion Assessments

Geophysical Evaluations & Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Surveys

PFAS Testing & Remediation in Drinking Water, Groundwater & Soil

Asbestos, Lead, Radon, PCB & Hazardous Materials Surveys

✓ Acquisitions (& Capital Asset Management) Assessment Services
✓ Construction Loan Monitoring Assessment Services

Construction Monitoring / Status Reports

Construction Plan & Cost Reviews

Property Monitoring Report (For Insurance Claim Completion)

AEC Architecture Engineering & Cost (AEC) review (specific for HUD loans)

✓ RF-EME Assessment Services
✓ Traditional Due Diligence Assessment Services
Property Condition Reports (PCR/PCA)

Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

Zoning Reports

ALTA Surveys

Seismic Risk Assessment Services

✓ Multifamily Agency Assessment Services
Property Condition Report

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Seismic Risk Assessment Service


Green Energy Assessments

ALTA Survey

Zoning Report

✓ Telecom Environmental Assessment Services

NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Assessments

Biological Assessment Services

SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office) Assessment

Archaeology Assessment Services

Tribal Consultation Services

✓ Civil Engineering Assessment Services

Climate Risk Assessments

Civil Engineering Assessments & Studies

Renewable Energy & EV Charging Due Diligence & Feasibility

SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office) Assessment

Pre-Design Services (Survey, Geotech, Wetland Delineation, Traffic)

Civil Engineering Due Diligence & Feasibility

✓ Project Management Services

Develop and Maintain Project Management Plan

Risk Analysis

Permitting and Entitlements Services

Pre-Construction Services

✓ Energy & Sustainability Advisory Services

Energy Audit & Road Map Development

Decarbonization Audit & Road Map Development

ESG Strategic Advisory Services

Green Certification Feasibility Studies

Tax Credit Analysis

Utility Rebate Analysis

Water Audit & Road Map Development

✓ ESG Strategic Advisory Services

ESG Policy Development & Strategic Advising

ESG Framework Feasibility & Gap/Competitor Analysis

Materiality Results

ESG Data Management Strategy

Transition Risk Strategy

Reporting Baseline: GRESB, TCFD, GRI, SASB, UN PRI, CDP

Corporate Communications Plan

✓ Environmental, Health & Safety Advisory Services

Environmental / EPA Gap Advisory Services

✓ Building Investigation & Remediation Advisory Services

Asbestos, lead, PCBs, & Other Hazardous Materials; Transactional, Facility & Project Management, Advisory & Cost Forecasting Services

Mold & Moisture Consulting & Advisory Services

Radon Remediation Cost Forecasting; Radon-Resistant New-Construction Design Services

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Remediation, Design-Plan Development & Cost-Forecasting Services

Water Intrusion Source Determination & Advisory Services

Water-Intrusion & Weather-Damage, Remediation & Restoration Design & Cost Forecasting Services

Hazardous materials, Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Program Development

End-to-End Assessment, Program Development & Portfolio Advisory Services

✓ Site Investigation & Remediation Advisory Services

Opinion of Potential Cost (OPC) & Comprehensive Remediation Cost Estimates

✓ Acquisitions (& Capital Asset Management) Advisory Services
✓ Construction Loan Monitoring Advisory Services
Construction Monitoring Advisory Services

Construction Plan & Cost Advisory Services

✓ RF-EME Advisory Services
✓ Traditional Due Diligence Advisory Services

Property Condition Advisory Services

Environmental Site Advisory Services

Zoning Advisory Services

ALTA Surveys Advisory Services

Seismic Risk Advisory Services

✓ Multifamily Agency Advisory Services
Property Condition Advisory services

Environmental Site Advisory services

Seismic Risk Advisory services


Green Energy Advisory services

ALTA Survey Advisory services

Zoning Advisory services

✓ Telecom Environmental Advisory Services
✓ Civil Engineering Advisory Services

Climate Risk Assessments

Civil Engineering Assessments & Studies

Renewable Energy & EV Charging Due Diligence & Feasibility

Pre-Design Services (Survey, Geotech, Wetland Delineation, Traffic)

Civil Engineering Due Diligence & Feasibility

✓ Project Management Services

Direct and Manage Project Work

Project Cost Development and Management

Communications Management

Schedule Management

✓ Energy & Sustainability Improvement Services

Green Certification Facilitation

Data Collection Management


✓ ESG Improvement Services
✓ Environment, Health & Safety Improvement Services
✓ Building Investigation & Remediation Improvement Services

Asbestos, lead, PCBs, & Other Hazardous Materials Maintenance, Repairs, & Abatement Services

Mold & Moisture Remediation Services

Radon Remediation; Radon-Resistant New-Construction, & Installation Management Services

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Remediation & Enhancement

Water-Intrusion & Weather-Damage Rapid Response & Restoration Services

Abatement Management, Oversight & Final Clearance Services

Regulatory Permitting

Hazardous Materials, Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Program, Training & Ongoing Implementation Support

Program Development for Consistent Standards-of-Care Across Your Asset Portfolio

✓ Site Investigation & Remediation Improvement Services
✓ Acquisitions (& Capital Asset Management) Improvement Services
✓ Construction Loan Monitoring
✓ RF-EME Improvement Services
✓ Multifamily Agency Improvement Services
✓ Telecom Environmental Improvement Services
✓ Civil Engineering Improvement Services

Pre-Design Services (Survey, Geotech, Wetland Delineation, Traffic)

Civil Engineering Due Diligence & Feasibility

✓ Project Management Services

Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Change Order Management

Project Resource Management

Project Quality Management

✓ Energy & Sustainability Verification Services

Energy Star Scoring/Certification

Energy & Carbon Compliance Reporting

Blower Door Envelope Leakage Testing

✓ ESG Verification Services
✓ Environment, Health & Safety Verification Services

OSHA Compliance Verification Services

✓ Building Investigation & Remediation Verification Services

Asbestos, lead, PCBs, & Other Hazardous Materials Inspection, Compliance & Permitting Services

Mold & Moisture Inspection, Compliance, & Permitting Services

Radon Inspection, Testing, & Compliance Services

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Inspection & Verification Services

Water-Intrusion & Weather-Damage Restoration Closeout Certification & Legal/Insurance Support Services

Abatement management, Oversight & Final Clearance Inspection

Construction Project, Hazardous Materials Abatement Closeout Certification

Hazardous Materials, Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Program, Compliance Auditing

✓ Site Investigation & Remediation Verification Services

Regulatory Compliance: Goal is “No Further Action” (NFA) letter issued by the regulatory agency
•State regulatory cleanup programs (hazardous waste site cleanup programs, UST programs, voluntary cleanup programs (VCP), brownfield programs)
•State Licensed Professional Geologist (PG) & Professional Engineer (PE) Services nationwide
•Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional (LSP) & Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) Services
•Connecticut Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) Services
•New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) Services
•New York City OER & E-Designation Compliance

Quantification & Management of Facility, Portfolio, & Corporate Environmental Liabilities

Expert Witness & Litigation Support Services

✓ Acquisitions (& Capital Asset Management) Services

Structural Inspection & Verification Services

✓ Construction Loan Monitoring Verification Services

Property Monitoring Reports (for insurance claim verification)

Construction Close Out Reports

✓ RF-EME Verification Services
✓ Traditional Due Diligence Improvement Services
✓ Multifamily Agency Verification Services

Repairs Inspection & Verification Services

✓ Telecom Environmental Verification Services
✓ Civil Engineering Verification Services
✓ Project Management Services

On-Site Construction Monitoring

Provide Subject Matter Expertise

Provide Scope Validation


Our commitment to customizing our scope to each client allows us to provide expert due diligence and risk management services to local and regional banks as well as the country’s largest national banks.

Due diligence  •  Environmental, health and safety solutions  •  ESG, energy and sustainability solutions  •  Building and site investigation, hazardous waste remediation  •  Project management and engineering  •  Construction loan monitoring and engineering


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Practice Leader


Rich MacAulay

Managing Consultant & Industry Lead, Financial Institutions and Lenders

Meet Rich MacAulay, our Industry Leader for Financial Institutions and Lenders at EBI. Rich’s expertise stems from his naval service background as a Lieutenant in the US Navy. Specializing in lender client management and business development, Rich’s leadership drives growth in real estate and financial services. With a Bachelor’s in Physics from the College of Holy Cross, Rich operates from our Quincy office, expanding client relationships across the U.S. With over 25 years of experience, Rich is a trusted partner nationally, managing relationships with precision and dedication.



What our clients say

EBI has provided high quality cost and architectural reviews, environmental services, including Phase I and PCNAs, for [our firm] over the last 10 years. The unique business perspective that EBI adds to its environmental due diligence of commercial properties has proven to be invaluable to our company. In dealing with complex environmental issues, EBI’s team of experts is able to identify the truly important issues from the less important ones. EBI provides an outstanding balance of business sensibility and environmental capabilities.

Director of Project Management
Capital Provider & Consultancy Firm

I have worked with EBI Consulting for over 15 years when financing for our Agency business. EBI delivers high quality reports in a timely manner and have a firm understanding of the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae guidelines. We rely on EBI’s experts to identify all important issues and provide the proper recommendations for our due diligence reports, including but not limited to Phase I’s and PCA’s. EBI’s experts continuously provide us with these services, and provides an excellent understanding/balance of business practicality and environmental and engineering capabilities.

Executive Vice President
Lending Institution

EBI has provided our company with high quality services for over five years. EBI’s team of experts have a firm understanding of HUD requirements to identify important issues and provide recommendations for resolution.

Senior Vice President
Commercial Real Estate Financing Institution

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