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We help renewable energy and electric vehicle (EV) developers and manufacturers, as well as green financing lenders and borrowers, in assessing feasibility, identifying optimal investments, mitigating risks, and optimizing their built facilities for maximum economic, safety, and environmental value.

Assess Advise Improve Verify

what we do

Deliver high quality, responsive services nationwide

With over three decades of expertise and a vast network of commercial real estate (CRE) experts, we specialize in optimizing your CRE investments and portfolios. Our dedication extends across your asset lifecycle, from project inception to completion. Whether it’s environmental compliance verification, site investigation reports, or comprehensive remediation or advisory services, we can provide integrated support every step of the way.

How we do it

An Integrated suite of services

We are unique in our ability to deliver high quality, responsive project management, civil engineering, ESG, environmental, safety, health and sustainability, energy and sustainability, and site investigation and remediation services across the entire asset lifecycle, from rapid assessments, to advisory, to implementation and verification services, nationwide.

1. assess

Rapidly understand the condition, value, opportunities, feasibility, and risks associated with your project infrastructure, building or property portfolio.

2. Advise

Easily navigate the complexities of the renewable energy landscape, whether it’s new developments or existing property requirements, with the help of our seasoned nationwide experts.

3. Improve

Boost the asset value and yields of your renewable energy infrastructure by enhancing energy efficiency and environmental performance. Let us expedite your path to optimized project and portfolio success.

4. Verify

Ensure your infrastructure, buildings and construction projects comply with specific building standards, regulations, permitting and investment requirements.

Browse through our services

✓ Energy & Sustainability Assessment Services

Solar Assessments

✓ ESG Strategic Assessment Services
✓ Environmental, Health & Safety Assessment Services
✓ Building Investigation & Remediation Assessment Services
✓ Site Investigation & Remediation Assessment Services
Phase II Environmental Site Assessment / Subsurface Investigation

Soil, Groundwater, Sediment & Surface Water Testing

Soil Vapor, Indoor Air, & Vapor Intrusion Assessments

Geophysical Evaluations & Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Surveys

PFAS Testing & Remediation in Drinking Water, Groundwater & Soil

Asbestos, Lead, Radon, PCB & Hazardous Materials Surveys

Ecological & Human Health Risk Characterization

✓ Acquisitions (& Capital Asset Management) Assessment Services
✓ Construction Loan Monitoring Assessment Services
✓ RF-EME Assessment Services
✓ Traditional Due Diligence Assessment Services
✓ Multifamily Agency Assessment Services
✓ Telecom Environmental Assessment Services
✓ Civil Engineering Assessment Services

Climate Risk Assessments

Civil Engineering Assessments & Studies

Renewable Energy & EV Charging Due Diligence & Feasibility

Pre-Design Services (Survey, Geotech, Wetland Delineation, Traffic)

Civil Engineering Due Diligence & Feasibility

✓ Project Management Services

Develop and Maintain Project Management Plan

Risk Analysis

Permitting and Entitlements Services

Pre-Construction Services

✓ Energy & Sustainability Advisory Services

Decarbonization Audit & Road Map Development


✓ ESG Strategic Advisory Services
✓ Environmental, Health & Safety Advisory Services
✓ Building Investigation & Remediation Advisory Services
✓ Site Investigation & Remediation Advisory Services

Opinion of Potential Cost (OPC) & Comprehensive Remediation Cost Estimates

Soil Pre-Characterization for Pre-Construction Strategy

Construction-Related Remediation Specifications & Contingency Plans

Soil Management & Dewatering Management Plans

Environmental Health & Safety Plans (HASP)

✓ Acquisitions (& Capital Asset Management) Advisory Services
✓ Construction Loan Monitoring Advisory Services
✓ RF-EME Advisory Services
✓ Traditional Due Diligence Advisory Services
✓ Multifamily Agency Advisory Services
✓ Telecom Environmental Advisory Services
✓ Civil Engineering Advisory Services

Climate Risk Assessments

Civil Engineering Assessments & Studies

✓ Project Management Services

Direct and Manage Project Work

Project Cost Development and Management

Communications Management

Schedule Management

✓ Energy & Sustainability Improvement Services
✓ ESG Improvement Services
✓ Environment, Health & Safety Improvement Services
✓ Building Investigation & Remediation Improvement Services
✓ Site Investigation & Remediation Improvement Services

Emergency Response for Spills/Releases of Hazardous Materials & Petroleum Products

Facility Decommissioning

Underground Storage Tank (UST) & Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Decommissioning & Removal

Contaminated Soil Management & Disposal

Construction Dewatering Permitting, Management, & Disposal

Remediation System Design, Installation, Operation & Maintenance (Contaminated Soil, Groundwater, Soil Vapor, Indoor Air)

Design & Installation of Sub-Slab Depressurization Systems (SSDS)

Design & Installation of Contaminant Vapor Barrier Systems

Air, Dust & Noise Monitoring During Construction

Brownfield Redevelopment Services & Facilitation of Brownfield Tax Credits

✓ Acquisitions (& Capital Asset Management) Improvement Services
✓ Construction Loan Monitoring
✓ RF-EME Improvement Services
✓ Multifamily Agency Improvement Services
✓ Telecom Environmental Improvement Services
✓ Civil Engineering Improvement Services

Stormwater Management Services

Utility Design & Permitting

Civil Engineering Infrastructure Design & Permitting

Construction Management

✓ Project Management Services

Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Change Order Management

Project Resource Management

Project Quality Management

✓ Energy & Sustainability Verification Services
✓ ESG Verification Services
✓ Environment, Health & Safety Verification Services
✓ Building Investigation & Remediation Verification Services

Asbestos, lead, PCBs, & Other Hazardous Materials Inspection, Compliance & Permitting Services

Mold & Moisture Inspection, Compliance, & Permitting Services

Radon Inspection, Testing, & Compliance Services

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Inspection & Verification Services

Water-Intrusion & Weather-Damage Restoration Closeout Certification & Legal/Insurance Support Services

Abatement management, Oversight & Final Clearance Inspection

Compliance Inspection & Reporting

Construction Project, Hazardous Materials Abatement Closeout Certification

Hazardous Materials, Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Program, Compliance Auditing

Ongoing Program Compliance Audits

✓ Site Investigation & Remediation Verification Services

Regulatory Compliance: Goal is “No Further Action” (NFA) letter issued by the regulatory agency
•State regulatory cleanup programs (hazardous waste site cleanup programs, UST programs, voluntary cleanup programs (VCP), brownfield programs)
•State Licensed Professional Geologist (PG) & Professional Engineer (PE) Services nationwide
•Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional (LSP) & Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) Services
•Connecticut Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) Services
•New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) Services
•New York City OER & E-Designation Compliance

Quantification & Management of Facility, Portfolio, & Corporate Environmental Liabilities

Environmental Compliance Audits

Environmental Reserve Planning

Annual 10-K Reporting

Expert Witness & Litigation Support Services

✓ Acquisitions (& Capital Asset Management) Services
✓ Construction Loan Monitoring Verification Services
✓ RF-EME Verification Services
✓ Traditional Due Diligence Improvement Services
✓ Multifamily Agency Verification Services
✓ Telecom Environmental Verification Services
✓ Civil Engineering Verification Services
✓ Project Management Services

On-Site Construction Monitoring

Provide Subject Matter Expertise

Provide Scope Validation


Our experts leverage our proprietary assessment methodologies, civil engineering, benchmarking, regulation and analytics tools across EBI’s six core capability domains to drive value for clients across the U.S.

Due diligence  •  Environmental, health and safety solutions  •  ESG, energy and sustainability solutions  •  Building and site investigation, hazardous waste remediation  •  Project management and engineering  •  Construction loan monitoring and engineering


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