Building Sciences and SIR Services for Cities 

Dec 22, 2023

Cities run as well as their assets do. We’ve got you covered above ground and underground for every stage of your project for every building in your city’s portfolio.

Analysis: What services would your buildings possibly need

We create a clear picture of the condition, value, opportunities, feasibility, and risks associated with your buildings, taking account of:

    • Building condition
    • ESG + resiliency
    • Energy & sustainability
    • Environmental, health & safety
    • Hazardous materials
    • From this we develop an implementation and improvement roadmap

Implementation: We found ways your assets could be improved for health and safety reasons, energy efficiencies improvements, and overall asset value

We work alongside you to implement an accelerated improvement journey focused on maximizing your asset value, yields and risk mitigation. Improvements might include:

    • Health & safety
    • Energy efficiency
    • Environmental impact improvement
    • Hazardous materials remediation
    • Project management and engineering
    • Data management
    • Maintenance

Sustainment: Solutions have been implemented, let’s ensure they are well maintained

On an ongoing basis we continually drive value by:

    • Providing periodic testing, re-inspection, permit and compliance programs
    • Providing ongoing benchmarking, monitoring and maintenance
    • Providing regular health checks
    • Run training and education programs as required

Building Sciences: Above Ground Services

Our building sciences team of experts helps you plan and manage every stage of your acquisition, ownership and sale. We strive to make your acquisition, property management and construction project experience as smooth as possible. No two cities’ needs are the same, so we design solutions to meet your specific needs as well as a scope to match.

Building Sciences Assessed Hazards:

    • Asbestos-containing materials (ACM)
    • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
    • Water intrusion
    • Mold/microbes
    • Lead-based paint
    • Lead in drinking water
    • Radon
    • Miscellaneous hazardous wastes

Other Building Sciences Services:

    • Hazardous materials inspections
    • Risk assessments
    • Indoor Air Quality Assessments (IAQ)
    • Emergency response
    • Regulatory compliance and permitting
    • Abatement management, oversight and final clearance
    • Project budget forecasting
    • Construction administration and coordination
    • Operations and maintenance training
    • Radon mitigation and post-mitigation clearance
    • Expert witness

Site Investigation and Remediation: Below Ground Services

EBI’s SIR team specializes in environmental site investigation, contaminant remediation, and regulatory-compliant site closure services. Our team uses proven, innovative approaches to evaluate, manage, and reduce client environmental liabilities and costs. We combine technical excellence with proven project management capabilities and systems that meet your critical project needs, schedule, and budget.

We get you the critical environmental information you need to make the best business decisions. As trusted, experienced advocates for our clients, we help you find the most efficient, cost-effective ways to achieve site closure. Our national team of local experts arrive on site when you need them to ensure your project is completed swiftly and successfully.

Construction and Redevelopment

    • Underground storage tank (UST) and aboveground storage tank (AST) decommissioning and closure
    • Contaminated soil characterization, management and disposal
    • Construction dewatering permitting, management, and disposal
    • Remediation system design, installation, operation and maintenance
    • Design and installation of sub-slab depressurization systems (SSDS)
    • Air, dust and noise monitoring
    •  Environmental health and safety

Site Selection and DD

    • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
    • New Jersey Preliminary Assessment
    • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
    • Soil, groundwater, sediment and surface water testing
    • Geophysical evaluations and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Regulatory Programs

    • Achieve case closure from regulatory authorities, e.g., No Further Action letter
    • EPA projects
    • State regulatory cleanup programs (state hazardous waste site cleanup programs, state UST programs, voluntary cleanup programs (VCP), brown-field programs)
    • Nationwide state licensed Professional Geologist (PG), Professional Engineer (PE), and Environmental Professional (EP) services nationwide

Other Services

    • PFAS testing and remediation in drinking water, groundwater and soil
    • Soil and Groundwater Management Plans

Click here for a more in-depth review of our SIR services.

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