ESG consulting, energy and sustainability: A path to net zero

Jan 11, 2024


Planning and executing your path to net zero

Each building is unique, as is its journey toward achieving net zero carbon operation. We guide you through the journey. Whether talking net zero energy or carbon emission, EBI’s energy and sustainability professionals tailor solutions to help you meet your goals.


EBI evaluates your current facility’s operations, digging deep into energy and carbon use. How is the property performing, and how does it compare to peer buildings? This is the start of your journey.


Our team audits energy and water use systems. This provides a list of immediate, often low- or no-cost improvements in addition to larger-scale measures with a favorable payback.


EBI’s comprehensive suite of services includes operational improvement recommendations and full design documents to optimize and upgrade engineering systems. Our oversight of implementation measures confirms they’re installed correctly.


Once completed, we verify that installed efficiency measures meet your operational and energy conservation goals. Through a formal commissioning process to confirm correct system operation, and ongoing building operation monitoring, we demonstrate achievement of efficient or net zero goals.

A rich history supporting net zero journeys

EBI worked with our client to help them achieve carbon neutral operations for their laboratory and other campus buildings.

The client’s outdated Carbon Footprint Assessment needed updating to better understand existing carbon emissions. EBI performed energy audits, energy modeling and carbon footprint calculations to determine the existing footprint and identify opportunities for efficiency.

The new Carbon Footprint Assessment reviewed:

  • Utility bills from the previous 12 months
  • Current carbon impact for direct fuel combustion and company-owned vehicles
  • Purchased electricity
  • Indirect impacts, including waste disposal, travel and project use
  • Policies, data and staff survey on transportation, recycling and other carbon impacts

EBI’s robust scope included an ASHRAE Level I Energy Audit and a building walk-through to document HVAC capacities, building construction, materials, space function, usage, building systems operation and lighting density. An energy model then evaluated future energy conservation measures, such as:

  • Energy used to offset heat loss or gain through the building envelope
  • Condition ventilation air
  • Equipment loads
  • Energy use from HVAC and lighting systems

With the data in hand, EBI updated the Carbon Footprint Assessment, providing low- and no-cost energy measures and recommendations for additional investments to further reduce carbon emissions and energy usage.

EBI’s sustainability services

Building efficiency:
  • Energy auditing and modeling
  • Energy and water benchmarking
  • Commissioning and retro-commissioning
  • MEP Assessments
  • Carbon footprint analysis
  • Water and waste management
Net zero options:
  • Fuel cells
  • Carbon capture
  • Continuous commissioning
  • Renewable energy credits
  • Advanced solar technology
  • Lifecycle Assessment
Building certifications:
  • LEED certification
  • Energy Star certification
  • WELL building certification
ESG advisory services:
  • Net-zero carbon strategy
  • Municipal energy compliance
  • Environmental management systems
  • Compliance and EHS policy
  • Climate Change Risk Assessments
  • Transition Risk Assessments

Still have questions about your net zero journey? Ask our experts to see how EBI can help you.

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