Federally Funded Broadband: Leading Carrier looks to EBI for NEPA Assistance

Sep 5, 2023


Projects completed

Miles of fiber installed

Agency approval on all projects


Our client is actively expanding its fiber network into rural communities that have historically been unserved or underserved by high-speed Internet services. To ensure that all communities receive equal access to high-speed Internet, these fiber deployment projects are subsidized by federal programs. As such, these projects are subject to National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis for potential environmental, archaeological, and historic property impacts. NEPA requirements can be difficult to understand and how to integrate these requirements into the bidding, design, and construction processes can pose challenges.


EBI’s team of experts assessed regulatory requirements for these projects, collaborating with newly formed State Broadband agencies. Leveraging our compliance knowledge and agency relationships, we controlled client expenses and secured agency approval for grants.

EBI worked closely with our client’s construction and engineering team to develop cost estimating tools, provide GIS mapping services, and conduct an analysis of numerous NEPA-related compliance areas for each project using our highly qualified biologists, archaeologists, and historic resource specialists. Over a 3-month period EBI completed 16 projects, and achieved 100% agency approval for our client to proceed with construction.


    • NEPA/NHPA/EHP Reviews
    • Regulatory Expertise
    • Environmental Due Diligence
    • GIS Mapping
    • State Agency Collaboration


Through EBI’s diligent work, our client gained an understanding of the regulatory requirements and how to control compliance costs. Also, with our help our client was able to successfully satisfy federal and state agency NEPA requirements. Without agency approval, our client’s projects would not have been able to move forward into construction.

The projects resulted in 60 miles of new fiber network in unserved and underserved communities across Indiana. With EBI’s help, our client was able to enhance their public-private partnerships to improve high speed Internet access for historically unserved or underserved communities.

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