Foreclosure Frustration? Simplified Solutions for Special Servicers

Mar 25, 2024

According to Trepp, as of December 2023, CMBS loans had a slightly lower delinquency rate, but the overall trend for the year saw an increase in delinquent loans. Different types of properties showed varying levels of improvement in handling these delinquent loans. However, mixed-use properties faced an increase in their delinquency rate, while office and retail properties demonstrated some improvement.

Understanding the challenges in managing these loans is crucial. In December alone, a significant amount of loans totaling $1.40 billion were transferred to special servicing. Most notably, mixed-use properties constituted most of these transfers, indicating persistent challenges in resolving issues with this property type.

Understand Your Property: Simplified Insight

In this dynamic environment, understanding your property is essential. Foreclosure due diligence, including environmental and property assessments, provides key insights for informed decision-making on property management and conditions.

Customize Your Approach: Streamlined Strategy 

After a property foreclosure, a focused and efficient due diligence approach is vital. Seek tailored services such as a cost-effective, customized Property Condition Assessments that provide you with real costs and a holistic view to address specific property needs. Additional services include:

  • Desktop reviews
  • Phase I environmental site assessments
  • Phase II environmental site assessments
  • Mold/indoor air quality assessments
  • Radon testing
  • Asbestos containing material (ACM) testing

Collaborate with Experts: Simplified Support 

Navigating foreclosure due diligence can be overwhelming, but partnering with experienced consultants simplifies the process. EBI Consulting, with a history of success during economic downturns, offers clear and consistent guidance.

Why Choose EBI Consulting? 

Special servicers can rely on EBI Consulting’s expert consultants to simplify the foreclosure due diligence process. Having supported clients through previous economic downturns, EBI remains committed to providing straightforward information during complex times.

If you anticipate foreclosing on properties soon, reach out to EBI’s experts. We are ready to simplify the challenges and ensure the best results.

Have questions or need further clarification? We’re here to help. Contact EBI Consulting for simplified insights. 


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