Major wireless carrier, California

Apr 1, 2024

THE facts and figures

The client, on behalf of a major wireless carrier, contracted EBI Consulting to conduct radio frequency electromagnetic (RF-EME) modeling to determine exposure levels for the proposed wireless communications equipment at their site.


The project involved the installation of three wireless telecommunication antennas, located in a suburban environment with the nearest buildings approximately 65 feet from the proposed site. EBI sought to determine if RF-EME exposure levels were compliant with the FCC Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE). MPE limits human exposure to RF-EME fields as recommended by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements.



Given the site’s suburban location, EBI utilized RoofMaster™ software which enables modeling of multiple emitters and can be used to evaluate rooftops, towers, small cell, and DAS sites. We performed theoretical modeling to estimate the worst-case power density from the antennas’ operation at the site, antenna face, and ground level. With this information and data provided by the client, we calculated the worst-case MPE levels and compared that to the FCC’s exposure limits.


Based on our theoretical modeling, we determined the placement of the antennas was adequate for the power density limits, met FCC and OSHA requirements, and indicated that there were no calculated levels above the FCC’s general public or occupational limits at ground level.

EBI recommended the general public maintain a distance of four feet from the antenna face (the max emission level). EBI also provided the client with a Site Safety Plan for the proposed site. The Site Safety Plan provided recommendations to bring the site into compliance with FCC rules and regulations. This included an action plan for positioning necessary RF signage, physical barriers and indicative markers for areas or portions of the transmitter site susceptible to high power densities that could cause exposures in excess of FCC guidelines.


  • RF-EME Modeling
  • Site Safety Plan

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