Mold Inspections for Caribbean Hotels

Oct 2, 2023


The case study involves mold assessment services for two hotel properties, one in Jamaica and the other in St. Maarten, both of which underwent improvements to enhance their appeal and functionality. The Jamaican property comprises 14 buildings, while the St. Maarten property consists of 8 buildings. These complexes include various amenities such as guest rooms, restaurants, conference centers, and fitness facilities. Despite their differing construction periods, both properties faced similar challenges related to microbial assessment during due diligence.


The buildings at both properties, constructed between the 1960s and 2019, presented concerns regarding potential microbial issues, particularly mold growth and water damage. Given the age and diverse construction timelines, there was a need to assess the presence of mold and moisture in various interior areas. Identifying these issues was crucial to ensuring the safety and quality of the properties for future guests and maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.


EBI Consulting was tasked with conducting microbial assessments at both properties as part of the due diligence process. The assessment involved several key steps:

  • Visual and olfactory inspection of interior building finishes to detect signs of water damage and suspected mold growth.
  • Measurement of moisture content in areas prone to moisture and those with observed water damage, using hand-held moisture meters.
  • Collection of mold spore trap air samples from indoor and outdoor locations for comparison.
  • Compilation of findings into a comprehensive report, including observations, laboratory results, and recommendations for remedial actions.


Following the assessments, EBI Consulting provided detailed reports highlighting the locations, types, and quantities of building materials exhibiting evidence of water damage and mold growth. These reports also included methodologies, laboratory results, photographic evidence, and actionable recommendations for addressing identified issues.

By conducting thorough microbial assessments, our client gained valuable insights into the condition of their properties, enabling them to address any microbial concerns proactively and ensure the continued safety and quality of their hotel complexes.


  • Mold Assessments
  • Air Sampling

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