Multiple multifamily properties, HUD environmental review

Apr 1, 2024

THE facts and figures

EBI was contracted by the city housing authority to complete a HUD NEPA environmental review for the property. The property consisted of eight different parcels located throughout Winchendon, MA


total acres

over twenty-six buildings


With various properties, our team coordinated with the client in order to schedule site visits, interviews and property access.


Our team prepared the HUD NEPA environmental review in accordance with the U.S. Department of Housing and Development 24 CFR part 58 to assist in obtaining approval of a request for release of funds (RROF). The environmental review included a site visit of all the properties and interviews with the client to review the proposed projects and activities, a site inspection, reviewal of the local and housing regulatory needs and the completion of the statutory checklist for environmental factors. Additionally, our team prepared a report with the findings..


Our team completed a thorough assessment of the various properties, providing a HUD NEPA environmental review of the asset. We worked closely with the client’s project team to provide support in file review and provided a report with our findings and recommendations.


  • HUD NEPA environmental review

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