Retail Revival: Overcoming Environmental Challenges for Seamless Transactions 

Mar 25, 2024

A Kansas City, MO grocery-anchored retail center had historical environmental issues that at the last minute threatened its sale and financing.

A reported dry cleaner operated on a section of the property before its comprehensive redevelopment in 2004, with little environmental data. Days before the close of the planned transaction, another consultant’s Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) concluded that a Recognized Environmental Condition existed. Considering the site’s successful redevelopment and financing since, and recognizing the availability of additional historical records, EBI swiftly intervened.

Our seasoned site assessor delved into city archives, engaged with long-standing community members, and even tracked down a former dry cleaner employee. Through a meticulous research endeavor, EBI eliminated the need for additional due diligence, spared the seller and/or buyer from costly and unnecessary subsurface investigations and potential sale termination, and enabled the timely closing of the transaction. This success underscores EBI’s commitment to excellence and client success, offering strategic solutions that drive value and propel CRE projects forward.

Navigating Uncertainty Together  

When the owner of the retail center sought to sell the property, there were no expected environmental liabilities, as they had purchased and financed the property only ten years prior. The last-minute recommendation for further action put the sale of a significant portfolio in was part of in jeopardy.

Strategic Collaboration in Action 

  • Thorough Research: Beyond easily accessible data, we delved deep into diverse sources to discover crucial insights into the site’s history, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential risks.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Direct engagement with city officials and interviews with former employees provided invaluable firsthand knowledge.
  • Collaborative Verification: Collaborating with neighboring businesses strengthened our findings, eliminated unacceptable potential risks, and demonstrated our commitment to thoroughness and clarity in risk evaluation.

Tangible Benefits, Client Success 

  • Swift Resolution, Cost Savings: Through meticulous investigation, we dispelled environmental concerns swiftly, sparing the client from the expense of a costly Phase II investigation, time, and resources, and facilitated and expedited the associated transaction.
  • Client Satisfaction, Business Growth: Our dedication to our client’s interests and success also benefited and was greatly appreciated by the purchaser, and their mortgage financier.

Key Insights for Your Success

  • Tailored Solutions: Our proactive and thorough approach demonstrates our commitment to delivering solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring swift resolution of complex challenges.
  • Transparent Communication: Prioritizing your needs and prioritizing communication fosters enduring partnerships, guaranteeing a collaborative and productive project experience.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Our meticulous attention to detail and relentless pursuit of quality set the standard for success, safeguarding your interests, and upholding professional integrity and reliability every step of the way.

Unlock Your Potential with EBI 

The successful mitigation of environmental risks at the Kansas City retail center is but one example of our unwavering commitment to your success. This is our approach on every assignment, as your trusted partner in environmental consulting, working to empower you with necessary information to make informed decisions, and innovative solutions that propel your projects and transactions forward.

Ready to embark on your journey towards success? Let us be your guide, helping you navigate challenges with confidence and drive value in your CRE endeavors.  


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