RF-Compliance for Savvy Site Acquisition: Mod the way you Mod

Feb 8, 2024

Most telecom site acquisition firms and carriers have hit a few bumps along the road of C-band deployment. For example, the RF Study is ordered from a vendor, who finds the site will not comply with FCC limits on an accessible rooftop, balcony, ground, etc., as-is.

This means design modifications will be required to resolve exposure fields, or areas exceeding the FCC’s general population limit in accessible areas. These design modifications may take the form of antenna relocations, azimuth or centerline height adjustments, antenna reordering and even power reductions.

Design changes are expensive and typically incur additional fees for new permit applications, revised drawings and other design revisions to studies that reference them.   Some of these options may not be possible due to structural, skew, or coverage limitations, and by this point, candidate changes are typically too costly. Depending on their impact to the coverage footprint, power downs and antenna design changes can even result in a site that is no longer worth the cost of building and operating.

EBI is helping site acquisitions firms and carriers get savvy about RF Compliance, increase build-success rates and reduce the cost of drawings, compliance reporting, environmental studies and permit applications for sites that are not going to comply with FCC limits before these fees even hit the project budget.  By tweaking the traditional order of operations, we can determine if a site design has a low chance of being RF compliant before the design is even finalized.

Our team of experienced RF technical modeling staff can work with carrier RF engineers, coverage analysts and site acquisition staff to identify areas of concern, site killers, minimum setbacks, etc. and/or run compliance analyses on the all candidates for a variety of configurations, candidates, heights, azimuths, etc., providing you with an RF compliance landscape and a good understanding of what design changes will be required so you can prioritize what matters most to the carrier, increase your overall build success rate and save on drawing and report revision fees and candidate changes.

About EBI

EBI is a multi-tool company, offering 3 state-of-the-art RF-Modeling software options. 2-D modeling can be done in RoofMaster and 3D modeling is performed in either RFMaster or IXUS, producing easy to read 3 dimensional plots, multiple view perspectives and dynamic animated PDFs.

Connect with our experts to discuss our pre-design compliance analysis options. We offer a range of very reasonably priced services from live modeling sessions to troubleshoot difficult terrain and challenging sites, to scenario packets that will provide setbacks for different locations, heights, etc.


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