Setting Up for Success with CPCRs

Sep 21, 2023

EBI’s Construction Loan Monitoring team provides Construction Plan and Cost Reports (CPCRs) to an array of clients, including investors, lenders, and stakeholders, offering invaluable insight prior to project kick-off and ensuring the feasibility of construction plans, budgets, and schedules. CPCRs are a proactive measure to address potential issues before they escalate, saving time and money throughout construction.


What is a Construction Plan and Cost Report? 

A construction plan and cost report (CPCR) is an in-depth evaluation, often followed by monthly construction monitoring reports (CMR), to assess the viability of a construction project. It involves a comprehensive review of essential documents provided by the potential borrower, such as professional services agreements, construction contracts, budgeting details, plans, and specifications. 

Construction Plan and Cost Reports are instrumental in the initial phases of a project, offering critical insights into its technical aspects and cost projections. These reports are pivotal for lenders and investors in making informed decisions regarding loan agreements and investment opportunities. 

Why are CPCRs important?

As a lender, investor, or stakeholder in a commercial construction project, you want to invest in projects that will run smoothly, be completed on time and on budget, and generate a return on your investment. By leveraging CPCRs, our clients can mitigate risks associated with project investment, such as over-leveraging, unrealistic timelines, and cost overruns. These reports provide detailed information to assess the soundness of an investment opportunity, thus safeguarding against potential financial losses.

Guiding Your Project to Success

EBI Consulting’s Construction Loan Monitoring (CLM) practice offers expert guidance throughout the commercial asset lifecycle, from loan origination and due diligence to construction and project completion. Our experienced Project Managers specialize in the construction industry, serving as trusted advisors to clients at every stage. By conducting thorough CPCRs, our CLM team assists clients, including investors, in making well-informed decisions, reducing risks, and maximizing returns.

Our clients rely on us to provide comprehensive insights and support, from project inception to completion, enabling informed investment decisions and maximizing returns on commercial assets.

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