Thoughtful pre-acquisition planning for post-acquisition success

Mar 26, 2024

Every CRE investment comes with some level of risk – some more than others.

Understanding the ins and outs of a property prior to acquisition provides a comprehensive property overview and history to CRE investors, facilitating more informed business decisions. Prioritizing post-acquisition success during the due diligence process emphasizes maximum long-term return on investment, reduces operating costs and helps maintain cohesive portfolios.

At EBI, we recommend a combination of environmental, property and climate due diligence services to set you up with profitable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient properties.


Energy benchmarking for CRE efficiency

Energy benchmarking and audits will determine how a building uses energy, identify weaknesses and assess energy efficiency and flow throughout the building to identify ways to reduce energy waste, carbon emissions, and lower costs.

EBI’s experts are highly experienced in performing in-depth energy assessments to ensure our clients’ properties are operating efficiently. Whether you have one property to maintain or a nationwide portfolio, EBI can help maximize your bottom line, and assist in maintaining and operating cost- and energy-efficient buildings.

Identifying environmental risks with climate risk assessments

Climate Change Risk Assessments are a cost-effective way for companies to identify potential risks to real estate assets from climate stressors. EBI advises clients on environmental risks to inform capital decision making and mitigate potential loss. Climate risk now poses new hazards to assets and portfolios, including physical damage, high insurance rates and increased operational costs. Climate risk assessments are a way EBI can assist buyers, lenders, and owners in their pursuit to identify and minimize these risks.

By using state of the art climate modeling, our experts can analyze site risks up to 40 years into the future, including: flooding, wind, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat stress, water stress, drought, wildfires and earthquakes. We are uniquely positioned to not only identify risk, but to also provide follow-up site analysis and assessments to develop mitigation strategies and design plans so you have one team from start to finish.

Creating a uniform quality standard across your portfolio

By prioritizing the right services and focus on due diligence during the pre-acquisition stage across your entire portfolio, you can maintain uniformity and be confident that your entire portfolio will be set up for success during post-acquisition and beyond. EBI can assess each property in your portfolio and recommend the best services specific to each asset. Giving you peace of mind that each asset has received specific due diligence services, you can be sure your portfolio has a uniform quality standard across its entirety.

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