Inflation Reduction Act: Tax Incentives for Higher Education

Dec 1, 2023

In 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was passed to provide tax incentives to organizations, including colleges and universities, that prioritized green energy solutions and investments. There are several ways universities can take advantage of the IRA.

Energy Efficient Design and Construction

The IRA is prioritizing energy efficiency improvements throughout the building process from design to operation. Under this law various types of buildings could receive credits for pursuing various green energy certifications.

Check out this LEED Case Study at Columbia University

Green Retrofits and Updates to Existing Buildings

Universities can also benefit from the IRA credits for green updates to HVAC and MEP systems, lighting, water heating systems, and more. The credits will allow you to better fund these green improvements and in turn, will likely decrease your energy consumption and bills.

Electric Vehicles and EV Charging

Is your university investing in or considering switching to electric or clean vehicles for on-campus operations? Maybe your campus police or ground crews could benefit from new, cleaner energy vehicles. There is credit within the IRA for that, as well as for installing clean energy fueling stations. Learn more about EV charging. 

Renewable Energy Installation

Universities that install alternative energy sources like solar, wind, or water, can also help your university qualify for credits.

ESG Reporting

Diligent reporting and analysis of energy efficiencies are necessary for pursuing IRA tax credits. EBI’s experts can lead any ESG strategic advisory or energy efficiency studies you may need. Learn more about our ESG services.

Learn more about how EBI can help you earn IRA credits for your university

Highlighted Services:

  • ESG Reporting
  • Green building certification
  • Energy and water benchmarking
  • Energy audits
  • Net zero audits
  • EV charging

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