Top Five Green Cities in the Country 

Apr 14, 2023

Many cities across the country are embracing sustainability and taking initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. Many of the steps being taken by these cities can be made possible with the help of EBI.

Many of the services EBI provides are steps these cities took to improve their energy efficiency:

    • Energy Audits
    • Energy Benchmarking
    • Green Building Certification
    • Commissioning Services
    • ESG Services

Berkeley, CA

Berkeley joined the C40 Race to Net Zero campaign. The campaign commits a city to reaching net-zero emission by 2045. The city prioritizes alternative energy such, as well. In addition, the University of California at Berkeley recently achieved the highest rating for sustainability by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

UC Berkeley isn’t the only university going green. Check out this case study about how EBI helped in Columbia University’s latest LEED Gold Triumph.

San Diego, CA

It is no secret that So-Cal doesn’t get much rain. San Diego found a unique and renewable solution for the common droughts. The city built a desalination plant that takes ocean water and turns it into drinking water for the community through reverse osmosis. Each day 100 million gallons of salt water are processed into 50 million gallons of potable drinking water. San Diego is also targeting to running on 100% renewable energy by 2035 and has instituted green energy wherever possible and has decreased its greenhouse emissions by 25% over the last decade.

Portland, OR

Portland is in the top 2% of the country that use renewable energy sources to power the city. A huge step towards this major accolade was replacing nearly 45,000 streetlights with LED bulbs, saving the city upwards of $1.5 million a year in energy efficiency. In addition, Portland has one of the best recycling programs in the country.

Washington, DC

Did you know that Washington DC is in the top 2% of cities in the country for LEED-certified buildings? The public school system is leading the charge with sustainable construction and renovations with a goal to have all schools reach net-zero energy consumption. Renewable energy sources like wind and solar have also become a priority for many municipal and residential buildings, as well.

Want to learn more about the Path to Net Zero? Connect with our experts.

Denver, CO

Denver has been ahead of the curve when it comes to building a sustainable city for its community. Denver earned the LEED Platinum certification from the LEED for Cities program back in 2019 and has only increased its dedication to going green. LEED for Cities highlights cities that have prioritized sustainability thought urban planning, development, and operations. Are you interested in getting your city LEED certified? EBI can help. Learn more about LEED and other green certifications.

The city has also put in place new energy standards like the Energize Denver Ordinance and the 2026 Colorado State Energy Standards with goals of reaching these new standards by 2030. Learn more about Colorado’s Energy Crossroads: Navigating new standards for Net Zero,  from our expert, Phil Winterland, Energy and Sustainability Group Manager. EBI has quickly become a leader in this space due to our commitment to researching this new ordinance and developing roadmaps for our clients.

Many of the services EBI provides are steps these cities took to improve their energy efficiency. Want to learn more about ways EBI can help your city go green? Check out these resources and connect with our experts.

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